Sponsoring Global Poverty Project Speech!

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Sponsoring Global Poverty Project Speech!

Posted by snadya93@vt.edu on Feb 11, 2013 4:19 pm

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to let you know what the UNICEF Club on Campus at Virginia Tech is doing this month.  On Monday, February 18, we will be sponsoring a group that is participating in the Global Poverty Project.  They will be speaking about extreme poverty, how can we prevent extreme poverty, and why it is important to learn about it.  If you would like them to come to your campus, I think that is a great idea.  The group told me that they have partnered with UNICEF before.  It is a another great way the campus initiative clubs of UNICEF can give back to society.  Also, we will be screeing the "Not My Life" movie that was giving to us in a package in the fall.  It is about human trafficking.  I was also going to have a box that people can give donations to in order to help improve the situation for the children undergoing the crisis in Syria right now.  
If any of you want to contact the people working on the Global Poverty Project, let me know and I can direct you to a few people.  Thank you! I hope everything is going well with your clubs as well! 
Good Luck!
-Nadya Sidki
UNICEF Club on Campus at Virginia Tech

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Re: Sponsoring Global Poverty Project Speech!

Posted by action_center_admin on Feb 13, 2013 12:15 pm

Thanks for the update Nadya!

We agree the that Global Poverty Project 1.4 Billion Reasons presentation is a great introduction into global development issues/challenges. It is very moving and is a great way for clubs (both High School and College) to engage their campuses. 

Let us know how the screening goes as well! We'd also love for you to register that screening at www.unicefusa.org/usfmaps, so we can track all of these wonderful events. And please do post pictures on the Action Center :)

Best of luck,
The Action Center Team
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Re: Sponsoring Global Poverty Project Speech!

Posted by thuy.vu75@gmail.com on Feb 24, 2013 7:46 pm

Hello Nadya,

My name is Thuy-Vu Do and I'm an officer of the UNICEF club at Benedictine University in Illinois. We are hosting a Hunger Banquet this coming April, expecting about 100 people or so. We hope to demonstrate the poverty issues both globally and locally. We have already made arrangement with Ms. Mandy Sharp to come and speak for us, but we would love to have your group come in as well. I would like more information on how to contact the group as well as the costs involved since we are quite tight in budget. If convenient, please contact me at benu.unicef@gmail.com.

Thank you so much for your help!


Thuy-Vu Do

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