Introducing issues to youth

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Introducing issues to youth

Posted by on Jun 13, 2013 9:56 am

 What do you think is the best way to introduce the issue of human trafficking to youth? Especially because human trafficking is becoming such a prevalent issue in the United States, it is important to make sure that children understand the dangers of it, as well as are aware that it can be happening in their neighborhoods. How can we go about this in an educational, but sensitive way?
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Re: Introducing issues to youth

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Introduce the issue to kids with facts, not too staggering. Make sure after you have a more somber statistic there is another "happier" statistic, example: "*% is the percentage of the number of children that have been saved from human trafficking as a result of UNICEF efforts" or something along those lines. Give them tips as to what to look for in their neighborhoods or schools that could be seen as a human trafficking victim.

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