lets create nutritional awareness in pakistan and save humanity

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lets create nutritional awareness in pakistan and save humanity

Posted by darya_khan8@yahoo.com on Jun 16, 2013 4:51 pm

due to nutritional unawareness many people in Pakistan are going towards chronic diseases and also due to mental stress of suicides etc ..their is no attention on health status and nutrition status due to which unhealthy minds and ideas are increasing day by day so that is decreasing the value of humanity and human rights over here ..doc tars are corrupt over here...doc tars have their percentages in relevant medicines  and also with  biochemical laboratories which is very dangerous...so lets be conscious about the humanity in Pakistan and lets launch a project of awareness in communities over her but we have to  involve students in such campaigns...lets create awareness es through radio.TV,seminars and workshops.....people are suffering here  they need nutritional awareness support..psychological training support and lifestyle support...i have plan and ideas but i need encouragement and support ..because we love humanity and want to do something for others...the refugee camps in Pakistan..the students and workers and common people are suffering Freon nutritional deficiencies and efficiencies...and also scion ecological consequences....but i know how to educate them and how to deal hem ..i know government officials and i know their behavior etc so i need support to do something for humanity in Pakistan specially but i am ready for supporting human and humanity and environment  and system any where.......................thanks           darya khan precedent student social worker society 
                                                                                                  human nutrition department (the university of agriculture Peshawar 

                                                                                                         +93 0313 9668166  darya_khan8@yahoo.com

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