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my name is Fru VAlentine Chimangha; from Cameroon. i am a MAster in American Literature and Commonwealth student  in the University of Yaounde 1. i saw the short piece over CNN abd could not help want ing to join and see exactly to what extent i can help. i am enthusiatic about it and hope to contribute significntly. in walk by from school  everyday and feel so bad when i see those very young chilfren on the streets of may not be their fault but i believe they could be brtter off if given a chanve which i think this organisation is fairly  best placed to alter things for this kids. Afro-American motivational speker says that; in life if you fall and you can still look up it means you can equally stand up and try and try until you make it. i want to be a part in helping these kids across the world have a better life. i am the first in a family of five and my phone number is 75896316.      its great being a part of this organisation. thnks and god bless you all, i mean the entire team

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